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Post by Hannako on Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:42 pm

Hi all!

I will be joining soon, once my week is up. My main is Hannako, a 151 master breeder. I am also Azhdeha, Shimmmergloom, Xannako, Zannako, and Guenhwyvarr, all are between 30-60. Or you can call me Taylor Very Happy. I love helping questers, that was my main reason to get a higher character. I am currently in college and not sure what my major is, but I am able to log and party daily.

And upon helping my friend (who is also joining soon) in game with EUW and VI, I discovered that faery here has been what was keeping mido busy all those times we asked for cube Rolling Eyes
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Trainee Island

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Post by faery on Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:34 pm

welcome chick, I look forward to many partys in the future!

Fresh Meat Maybe-1-1-1-1
faerymage 15x WK----Undine server
faerymage 16x BM-----Tyrant server
faerymage 10x evoker---butkadah server
faeryaccurate 15x MM---- tyrant server
Druidicfaery 105 druid---- Tyrant server
faerymaiden 4x fighter---Undine server
Faerymaji 9x priest----undine server
faerymom 4x breeder---undine server
faeryshade 6x dm---- undine server
faeryflair 10x evoker---- undine server
faeryaccuracy 9x archer----undine server
faerysins 2x strider(future SH i think)---undine server
faerysecret 2x summoner---undine server
ummm a few others i cant remember
and on unicorn : NagaDownAgain 3x breeder

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