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Updated and expanded guild rules Empty Updated and expanded guild rules

Post by faery on Wed Oct 06, 2010 1:30 am

~ Activity ~

We would love to keep our guild active, as I'm sure no one would like to be in an inactive guild. That is why we expect you to be fairly active, which can be accomplished in numerous ways:

* Be social and join conversations in guild chat.
* Play the characters that you have added in the guild relatively often.
* Level up.
* Take part in guild events (i.e. Dungeon Raids/Sieges, Contests, DPs).
* Check the guild site and forums as much as possible. We encourage that kind of activity and also keep in mind that all important guild news and announcements are posted here.
* We acknowledge, fully understand and thoroughly respect the fact that most of us can be busy with their lives. Sometimes a simple hello in-game or in the forums would suffice, whenever there's a little time.
* If for some reason you are unable to be active for a period of time, please post on the forums to let us know, so that we can accomodate you if possible, and not kick your toons unnecessarily.

~ Socializing ~

* We do not promote drama; if you have issues with a certain player (either guild member or not), please try discussing the situation with that person in order to settle things. If discussion doesn't appear to be working then mention the incident(s) to a guild Councilor prior to taking matters into your own hands.
* Beggars are unwelcome in the guild. Everyone of us has worked hard to accomplish certain in-game goals and obtain desired pets or items. Under no circumstances should any member pester other members on giving away free items or rupees. you will be warned the first incident, after that this type of behavior is grounds for a /Gkick with or without a 2nd warning.
* Should help for certain quests or other in-game activities be needed, insisting on having the job done fast will only lead to annoyance, anger and arguments. We will do our level best to help, just dont get mad if it takes a bit to get the job done. Anything wirth doing is worth doing right!


*this guild is made up of young, old, married, single, children, parents...ect so we expect you to be responsible for keeping all conversations held in open guild chat to a pg13 rating. If you are found to be in violation of this, and offend a young member, parent, ect you will be warned, and after a second violation, or after the 1st if the offense is extreme enough, you will be booted from the guild.
* This guild is made up of a lot of different cultures, as well as native tongues, however as we play on an american english speaking server, we ask that all chat be held in english, so as not to offend those that my not know your alternate language.

~ PKing ~

* If you are PKed, let a guild councillor know about the incident.
* If a guild member is PKed for no reason at all, all online members of a higher level are expected to come to his aid if they are available to do so. If no other member is available at that moment, the incident should be reported to a guild councilor to be dealt with later.
* If you want to so desperately PK other players, you can do that on another character of yours that does not belong to the guild.
* PKing is only allowed within reason (if someone is KSing you, trying to drop a train of mobs on you to get you killed, PKs you first or trying to steal your farming/DP spot). insulting you is not a valid reason to hunt that person down and kill him. Take screenshots instead and report to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]; have the GMs deal with him instead that is what they are here for.

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