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Post by Relexx on Mon Dec 08, 2008 8:53 pm

Holy Divers Guild Charter

The Guild charter describes the manor in which guild members should behave between each other, and the greater Rappelz community.

1. Build a Community
The Holy Divers guild prides its foundation upon strong friendships and trust among members. Members of the guild should assist other members achieving the goals of their characters. Guild partying with other guild members, share found resources and general good will is encouraged.

2. Prevent the Cycle of Violence (Player Killing)
Player Killing should never be initiated by a member of the Holy Divers guild. It is generally accepted by the greater Rappelz community that a retaliatory player kill by a guild is acceptable. It is understood that each member of the guild has different view of acceptability in this matter. Members are encouraged to show their own discretion in this manner, but never forget the actions of one reflects on all.
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